Being Free To Be Me Workshop (Recap)


Over the weekend (4/28/2018) Emerald Rising had the extreme pleasure of presenting the Being Free to be Me Workshop at the We Are Girls Conference hosted by the Girls Empowerment Network. 

The Being Free to be Me Workshop motivated girls, 6th-8th grade, to accept their individuality and personal style. The workshop started off with the girls chanting "I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made", followed up with them writing down affirmations, an I accept commitment, and a list of things that set them apart from others on either a heart, flower, or butterfly cutout. 


Then the real fun came. The ladies picked out a few accessories that best fit their personality and had their own personal photo shoot. 


After the photos were taken they were placed and decorated on the cutout to create memorabilia, reminding them how special and beautiful they are! 


We truly enjoyed inspiring these young ladies!