Sometimes in life we become so lost, the not knowing can be very scary, and searching for your purpose can be so uneasy. At times it can make you want to give up, play it safe and stay at that day in and day out, 9-5 job just to get paid. I have become all too familiar with this common struggle especially after starting my own business. It's NOT easy!!! Having this vision and trying to make others see or believe in it can be very challenging. The hang ups and disappointments can make this tough girl cry. This feeling became my reality just last week, the day before I was scheduled to do a transformation photo shoot for my client Carmen Knowles. I was at the point that maybe I should put my business on the back burner and go back to working 2 jobs.

Then Saturday came and this happened...

All of my doubts were pushed aside, stomped, and buried! I saw myself, I saw my vision, I saw my purpose again! Just seeing Carmen step out of her comfort zone and embracing her new look confirmed exactly why I started my business. So with that being said, I'm here to help others, to push them to new heights and to help illuminate their confidence. I want to thank Carmen so much!! By having the opportunity to help you was two-fold, I was able to help myself and remember my reason for doing what I do!!! Thanks for going on this journey with me. I am extremely happy and excited to continue to see you flourish.

Outfit Deets:
 Faux leather jacket: Revamped from closet
 Shirt: H&M
 Pants: Macy's
 Shoes: Charlotte Russe
 Accessories: Claire's, Burlington Coat Factory, Target,
 Hat: Revamped from closet

 Hair: Tenisha Smith
 Makeup: Revea Redmond
 Photos: Candice Cockrell
 Wardrobe: Londen Underwood

Originally posted at MsLuLu2U.blogspot.com