Londen Underwood, the CEO of Emerald Rising, has always had a passion for helping others. From the time that she could walk, to the numerous shopping adventures every weekend she spent with her mother, to various jobs in retail, one might say that shopping was in her blood.  However, she would have never imagined that her passion to help others would involve utilizing her innate fashion sense and stylish ways. Helping others comes in various forms, but as for Londen, her personal fulfillment of helping others comes when she can improve people's confidence by helping them to perfect their own personal style. 

Londen realized that she had a genuine talent in this field when her family and friends would ask her countless times what they should wear or about the latest fashion trends. After years of providing her close friends and family with style and fashion tips, and presenting her expertise on style through her blog http://www.mslulu2u.blogspot.com,  Londen decided to take her passion a step further. In the spring of 2014, Londen launched her own image consulting business. The success of this has now inspired Londen to take her business a step further by assisting people in more ways than just personal style. In the summer of 2016, Londen launched Emerald Rising LLC.

Londen's vision for Emerald Rising is to provide men and women the techniques that they need to improve their self-confidence, and give them the tools, not only to makeover and identify their own personal style, but to make over all aspects of their life. Emerald Rising also works with organizations, businesses, and musicians including Phillip “Dr. Philgood” Graves and Rachael Gray, by providing self-esteem seminars, artist development, and image branding.  Londen has also worked as a costume designer for the stage play "Girlfriends and God: The Retreat", and has served as a wardrobe assistant for the short film Love in All the Wrong Places and has worked as a stylist on photo shoots for businesses. Londen continues to improve the lives of others through style by building their confidence with her makeover specials and personal branding.

Londen has her MA in Human Service Counseling: Life Coaching from Liberty University.


“I met Londen in high school and at some point after I graduated I added her as a friend on Facebook. During the late summer 2014, she began posting about her image consulting business and that she worked with male clients. I was curious about her services and sent her a message asked if she worked with female clients as well. She responded that she did and it was during this conversation that I asked what her process was for working with clients. We met for a consultation and I found her to be very knowledgeable as well as inquisitive. She asked a ton of questions to get a sense of my style and what I wanted to accomplish by using her services. It was really helpful because I am one of those people who loves to shop but will talk myself out of a purchase less than two minutes after I fell in love with a piece. We scheduled a time to do the actual shopping experience at the consultation. The day of the shopping experience I was a bit worried but once we met at our first store, it felt like I was shopping with one of my friends. She made suggestions and picked out options that fit my style as well as challenged me to try on things that I would have thought was not my style. It was a fun afternoon and I walked away with a few new pieces that I probably would not have purchased had it not been for her guidance. Overall the experience was amazing! She made it fun and used the consultation to really hone in on my style and even challenged me to step outside my comfort zone.  I didn't feel judged or forced to purchase or try on anything. It was really an exploration of my style and how I could improve it. Now when I shop, I think of the things she shared with me and I am able to incorporate trends with my love of all things vintage and laid back. I also giggle to myself a little because I hear her encouragement in my head to try things out of my normal style. Would I recommend her? Yes! You will not leave disappointed or feeling like you didn't learn something about yourself or how to really make great clothing and accessory choices.”                                                                                         — Carmen Knowles